The fear as a way to freedom

Sometimes the sea shows its power and strength in an impressive way.
When high waves come towards me, like insurmountable forces of nature, it puts me for a moment in a crippling fear.

A fear that briefly freezes me and makes me hesitate for a moment.
A strong uncertainty that comes up and I am unable to act properly and consistently.

Especially at crucial moments, when i have to master the wave with all my strength, in which I can not hesitate.
And then this fear comes.
I am not able to ride the wave and the wave will drag me down.





Fear pulls me into the depths of my emotions and lacks clarity and focus.

Why does this fear hold me back, even with the things or maybe especially with the things I love and like to do?

This fear, which makes me unable to decide clearly and unable to act consistently.

Why do I want to escape from this fear?
Why do I avoid that feeling?





It is such an important and meaningful feeling.
It alerts us to dangers.
It is a protective mechanism.
It makes us particularly focused in dangerous situations, sharpens the senses and puts the body in the highest alert and motivation.

But sometimes it rolls over us like a wave and leaves us paralyzed and incapacitated.
That’s the fear that I would rather escape from.





It is important to me to realize that fear is a signal, that something is especially important to me, that it means a lot to me and that I am afraid of losing it.

Because our mind would rather leave us in the familiar, in the situations that we know and we want to preserve the things we love.
Therefore, the fear signals that we are leaving our familiar and appreciated terrain.

But behind this fear is the growth, the challenge, a liberation from self-limiting beliefs, new experiences and freedom.





How can I deal with this fear?

I should accept the feeling, acknowledge that it has a protective function.
I realize that this feeling is not bad in itself.
And most of all, if the situation allows you to mentally step back and it allows you to think about what action options you have, try it, take small steps and approach the fear.

In dealing with fear, the sea has taught me a lot and especially surfing.

When I go surfing, it sometimes means that I learn to accept that the ocean is stronger today and I learn to accept the given situation.

On some days I also see the waves as a challenge to grow.

If I have managed to meet this challenge then I have the feeling that I can regain some of the strength of the sea.




Therefore, consciously go where your fear is.

It gives you clues about where your heart is, what is meaningful to you, and overcoming the fear leads you to freedom.

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