Hope is on the horizon

To experience the dawn by the sea is something very special.
The early morning is pure, fresh and clear, like the air and the water.
The change of light, the play of colors in the sky, when the first rays of the sun flash through the darkness, gives the sea a very special atmosphere.
An atmosphere which is very intense, peaceful and quiet.

The morning is a fresh start for me.
A beginning of a new day, but also a beginning of a possible change and a hope that bad events will turn out well.



Every new day, every morning can be a new beginning.
If I want to change something in my life, I like to use the morning for the first impulses and first steps.
Especially in the morning you have the opportunity to be alone.
The head isn’t full of thoughts, but there is a meditative silence like it is in nature.
I can fill that silence with a joy, just by watching the sea or by surfing or swimming.
Often, by being in the water, I get creative ideas and solutions for problems that seemed to have gotten stuck on the day before.
And the I look at them from a different perspective.

This atmosphere, the changing play of colors and the cold and fresh sea breeze, gives me peace, strength and motivation.
Sometimes it’s just pure joy and pleasure.
A pleasure to be part of this world.
Just enjoying the moment.



The morning is the time of the day that is still unencumbered.
Here I can provide myself with the energy for the day.
I feel like having all the options left.
Everything that has burdened me the day before is a little smaller, lighter or has completely disappeared.
When everything awakens, it is like awakening one’s own thirst for action, to embrace change, to reinvent yourself from time to time.

I sense the dawn as a brief pause of nature.
And so it is with your own thoughts.
A calm and clarity.
And like the first sunbeams, the first fresh, positive and constructive thoughts come up.
With the first rays of sunshine hope arise, the proverbial silver lining on the horizon.
The hope that a solution can be found for everything.
The confidence that it will be good and that I can give my life a new direction at all times.
I also see an opportunity to deal with difficult situations.



Morning is a gift, a wonderful spectacle of nature, source of strength and inspiration, the possibility of a new beginning and the joy of life.
Morning is the awakening of hope for a life that can be redesigned again.



„When you wake up in the morning, remember what a precious treasure it is to live, breathe and be happy.“

(Marcus Aurelius)

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