The breath of the sea

When you are on the beach, you can watch the change of the tide in a wonderful way.
What was land before, is suddenly flooded with water, and so, this rhythm continues like inhaling and exhaling.
Not static, but in small movements always back and forth.
The tides aren’t only created by the gravity between earth, moon and sun, but also by the centrifugal forces, which are caused by the rotation of the earth.

So everything is in motion or as Heraclitus put it:
“ Everything flows !“
Everything is in a constant change and Heraclitus continues: „We can not climb twice in the same river.“
He meant by that, as time went on, more water has flowed past and we have also changed ourselves simultaneously.
For many, this constant change and transformation is very depressing.
But couldn’t it be also consolation?



Heraclitus continues that there is for him a unity of the opposites.
Day and night, winter and summer, ebb and flow, etc.
Only through the opposites the other side make sense.
This tension creates something new.
If we didn’t have these opposites, there would be a standstill and that means death.



For example, considering traces on the beach, when they disappear when the tide sets in, then on the one hand you have a picture of the transience, but on the other hand you have also a picture of the recommencement.
When the water has receded, there is new, untouched sand in front of you, that can absorb new traces.
This new beginning becomes possible only through the forces of the opposites.
And in this possibility lies a great energy.



So the tides can be a symbol of a new start.
No matter in what situation you are, a new beginning is always possible.
We just have to take advantage of this energy, the change.
To use them as a creative force to set constantly new traces and also to change the direction.


Only when we exhale and when we let go of the old, we can breathe in and absorb new things!

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