I feel blue


for some it is simply a color that is predominantly in the color spectrum at a wavelength between 460 to 480 nanometers and belongs to the three primary colors.
A color we are constantly surrounded by.
The blue planet, our earth, which looks blue from space, because three quarters of the Earth’s surface is water.
We ourselves, our body consists to a large extent of water.
We perceive the sea as blue, because the reflection of the sunlight on the sea surface reflects shortwave light (blue) and absorbs longwave light.
The different shades of blue and color nuances of the oceans are caused by substances dissolved in seawater, such as algae, plankton, sediment etc., but are also influenced by different water depths.

For others, blue also has a meaning beyond the physical:

Blue is associated with peace and quiet.
A color that promotes relaxation.
It also signals security and confidence and gives a feeling of comfort.
The blue of the water stands for clarity and purity and, as researchers from University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Ravi Metha and Juliet Zhu) have researched, it could also stimulate creativity and contribute to the promotion of solution strategies.

But why does it say „I feel blue!“ if it means a feeling of melancholy and sadness?

When you are at the ocean and you look at the blue expanse of the horizon, the feeling of melancholy and wistfulness can arise.
But couldn’t lead this melancholy and sadness to a certain clarity?
Don’t we need sometimes a certain sadness to reflect on existing situations? Don’t we also need to absorb these „negative“ emotions in order to gain new clarity from reflection?

I think if you embrace melancholy, it will also create creativity.
It will lead you to creative solutions.
If you dive into the blue, in the blue sea, but also when you actually go into the blue water,
you will find the peace, comfort and security that helps you to overcome the sadness and
you will find this refreshing clarity.

Jump into the blue and feel blue!

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