The wide sea of creativity and lightness


The sea with its beauty and its wild forces of nature is a place of inspiration.

The sea is not only an energy source, but also an engine for creativity and lightness.
A lightness that is so important to lead a life that brings joy and happiness.

There are many ways and means of achieving creativity and ease, but for me, the sea is a unique place that gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in the wide sea of creativity.


A place of retreat

The sea offers me the opportunity to be completely for myself, to completely separate myself from the outside world.

A way to withdraw my senses, not to be distracted by other sensations that capture us in busy everyday life.

In the environment of the sea, I can focus on my senses again and withdraw into my inner space.

I can smell the salty air saturated with the smell of seaweed.

I can taste the salty seawater, hear the sound of the waves and let my eyes wander over the wide horizon.

Especially the horizon and the sea water with its blue colors of all shades brings me peace, clarity and serenity, by calming the mind with its recurrent thought spirals.

When I can dive into the sea, I experience an ease, a feeling of being carried by the sea.

When I hear only the gentle gurgling of the water and feel how the water surrounds me, this puts me in a state of concentration and by focusing the senses, the busy and buzzing thoughts are switched off.

This retreat of the sea leads me into my inner retreat, leading me to lightness and concentration at the same time, making room for new thought sparks, a spark of creativity.




„Only the easy carries the aesthete on gentle shoulders, but the beautiful spirit carries the weighty easily.“

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)



Mindfulness of your inner voice


The perception of one’s own sensory impressions by the sea brings me into the present moment.

It’s like a meditative state where I can get very close to my intuition and my inner voice.

It is precisely this simplicity, simply being by the sea, having nothing to do, having ease in this space and its vastness, not being distracted and not feeling alienated.

It is precisely this simplicity that leads me to be with myself again.

But also when surfing I can train my mindfulness.

Focusing on the incoming wave and paddling the wave requires the highest concentration.

When I surf the wave, I am in that very instant, intensely experiencing that one moment, and this releases the mind, free from fears and self-doubt, free again for new ideas.

Mindfulness is coming back, I can pay attention to my feelings and needs.

I can ask myself what I need right now to feel good and happy.

Often it is difficult for me to perceive the answers to this question in everyday life with its tasks and duties, to feel what is good for me and what does not.

The sea makes it easy for me to get back into this mindfulness and to hear my inner voice, to hear what creative impulses it gives me.




„Our true home is the present moment.“

(Zen wisdom)


Playful lightness


The movement of swimming and surfing immersed in the element of water triggers a childlike joy in me.

A pleasure to just do things without having any particular benefit or meaning without commitment.

This playful lightness lets all tension drop off.

I feel alive, free and easy.

This joy, this feeling of happiness gives free rein to ideas and thoughts.

It’s like a recreation, a source of energy for the mind.

It uses a creativity that comes from the deep inside and can find a way, through the wall of self-limiting thoughts, to reach freely the surface.

To observe this playful lightness is also with the dolphins.

With their jumps out of the water they show their play and communication behavior.

Dolphins sometimes even do wave surfing, and their curiosity can make them play with people in the presence of divers and swimmers.




„Become again like an astonished child discovering the world. New every moment. “

(Tibetan proverb)


Structure and frame


To capture the ideas, I also need a structure, a framework.

Something where the mind can moor.

Of course, it is a bit more difficult to create this framework at sea because of the vastness of the landscape.

But by closely observing the coastlines and the flora and fauna, it can be seen that there is also a structure there, such as the construction of rock formations, seaweed or shells, which often have a symmetrical structure with their shell.

When going for a walk on the beach, I like collecting shells and looking at their different shapes and colors. This is also a good mindfulness exercise.

But not only the spatial structure, but also certain routines give me the framework to sort my thoughts.

This can be done in regular exercise, which I set at certain times firmly in the daily routine, such as swimming, surfing and beach walks which can express the structure of the day.

A structure that is important to me in order to get involved in the implementation of my ideas.






Exchange of ideas

Important for one’s own creativity is the exchange of ideas with others.

When I have retreated by the sea and my ideas have been washed out from within, it is a great enrichment to share and communicate these ideas with others.

Other perspectives and other creative ideas can lead to greater effectiveness and potential in the community.

Even whales and dolphins seem to communicate with each other through sounds and specific swimming behavior.

Where to find food, where is there danger?

Ideas need to be developed alone and in solitude, but to improve and enrich them communication is often a great help.



Creativity is a lonely process that requires curiosity and ease, as well as mindful observation and focus.

The sea is a place that creates an environment, a framework in which my intuition, my inner voice can be heard.

A place where ideas come to the surface.

The sea is a place where I can regain my playful ease, which helps me to find my happiness and my joy.



„Only that which truly comes from us in freedom, holds the soul really and truly.“

(Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling)

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