The farewell and the new beginning

Sometimes we are at a point in our life when we realize that it’s time for a change.
A diffuse feeling that something isn’t really in harmony at the moment between our thinking, feeling and acting.

This could be the time for us to consider whether we should let go of certain things in our lives:

Old things which weigh on us, old patterns of thinking and behavior, relationships and past events.
All the things that keep us from developing, preventing us from being happy and living a life that suits us, and above all, letting go of these things which prevent us from reaching our full potential.


„Letting go: putting something down without having to consider it a defeat.“

(Henriette Wilhelmine Hanke)





Letting go is a process that is incredibly difficult because it exposes us to our inner fears and blockade and causes us to deal with our past.
A past in which we loved so much, but which is also marked by loss, anger, grief and sometimes very painful events.
All of these things we undergo again when we deal with our past.

Why should we expose ourselves to this process?

Does this makes sense?

How can the sea help us?


I believe that it is worth the effort, because the process of letting go leads to more inner freedom, to more self-acceptance, to more compassion and understanding, both to ourselves and to others, and ultimately it is also an important component to help us how we can live an authentic life.

In this process and with our individual steps to an authentic life, the sea can support us, to make it easier for us to go this way.





How do you start letting go?

As you take a look inside of you.

Helpful to get on the track are questions such as:

What do I have for thoughts and situations that burden me, that constrain me, that hold me back, put me in a bad mood, what hurts, what makes me angry and where am I afraid of something?

Then the important question:

Do I want to feel like this in this situation?

Does my feelings holding me back in this situation, or is it even counterproductive?

For most negative thoughts, we come to the conclusion that they are not helpful and we even sabotage ourselves.


„Life can only be understood backwards, but can only be lived forward.“

(Søren Kierkegaard)





In this inner dialogue, when we dealing with our past and our blockade, the sea can help us to achieve greater inner peace and clarity.

The view into the vastness and the horizon brings us into a calm mood, so that we can better sort out our thoughts.
In addition, the sea, with its vastness and also with its almost unimaginable depth, puts everything into a different relation.

On the other hand, with our worries and problems, we seem so tiny and small that many things appear in a different light and no longer so significant.

Watching the waves and tides, you can see how traces are washed away in the sand, how rocks and stones are washed around, everything is virtually washed clean.

But even the sea itself lets go of things by flushing it to the beach or letting it float with the current like flotsam.

We also let our ballast pull away when we let go.
We can symbolically pass our thoughts and the things we want to let go to the sea.

You send them down into the depths, let them drift away from the current, or even let them wash off from the waves.





We should let go in peace, that what we have wished for, what we did once, what our dreams and goals were, what we have been dealing with.

There is the realization that there was a time when these things were useful and right, that brought us further in personality development, but that we have now outgrown them.
With the experience we have gained, we have learned new skills and we may be able to use them to do better in the future or to develop new ideas.

The sea also lets substances slide down into the depths.

There they are then decomposed by organisms and the resulting substrate is used in turn for new organisms to grow.

Even in the sea, everything is in motion and subject to construction and dismantling processes.

We can also let go of the old, but sometimes use a part, an experience, to build something new.

When we separate ourselves from the old, there is always room for new things.

Our hearts are open and we are ready to receive new experiences and ideas.





Letting go always means saying goodbye, which of course is always painful.

The sea can give us comfort.

It clears our minds, gives us a meditative calm, and shows us that everything is always changing, but at the same time there is consistency.

The waves and tides are a good example.
The power of the waves and the tides also bring about changes on the coasts, but are at the same time in their coming and going like a constant.





After releasing everything you feel emptiness, when all the energy that has accumulated is now discharged.
Like a wave that carries the wind energy in itself, until it breaks through the friction with the seabed and gives off all its energy.

You feel free.

There is space created, room for new things.

You can refill this space.

But it’s also good to take some time to say goodbye and keep your heart open for the new beginning.

The old slowly retreats, like the sea recedes at the onset of low tide and it is just as slowly filled with new, as the tide slowly flushes the water to the beach.






When you come to the sea

one should start to be silent

at the last blades of grass

one should lose the thread

and the salt foam

and the sharp hiss of the wind

breathe in

and exhale

and inhale again.

If you hear the sand sawing

and the shuffling of the little stones

in long waves

one should stop to should

and want nothing more

only sea

only sea. “

(Erich Fried)