Beyond silence

Sometimes it is important to have a place to cut yourself off the stressful and busy outside world.

An outside world that is often so noisy and in which we are exposed to constant overstimulation.

An outside world that makes it almost impossible to hear your inner voice.

This voice that is so important to live a life that suits you.

This voice you need to make clear decisions that are in harmony with yourself.

Therefore, we need space, a place of silence that blocks you off from other external sensory impressions.

A place that allows access to your own intuition and your inner voice.


For me, swimming is a way to dive into a world of silence.
Especially swimming in the sea takes me into a completely different (underwater) world.

A fascinating world.

A whole different and mysterious world full of sea dweller, stones, seagrass and kelp forests.

Swimming in this underwater space feels like as if you are a little bit a part of this world.

But it is not only these exciting impressions, but also the possibility of bringing me into a meditative state because of the uniform movement of swimming and the regular breathing.
When I close my eyes while swimming and when I’m only concentrating on how it feels:

the slight resistance of the water when I pull my arm through it, the sense of the water when it passes by the body.

Then I feel borne by the water and I feel very light.

And suddenly there it is, this silence.

An inner and outer silence.

You realize that this silence can be found in yourself.

Your thoughts ebb.

You just focus on the moment and you feel that you are a part of this underwater world.

Free, light, secure, just yourself.

There is no you have to, you must, you must not …..!

Just silence.

The peace of mind.

Rest of thoughts.

No need for approval.

It’s fine the way it is.

You’re fine the way you are.

Swim to your underwater world, withdraw back into yourself and find the silence in you!

The ocean as a symbol of life


For me, the ocean is a symbol of life, a source of energy and inspiration.
Just like the ocean with its beauty, uniqueness and as a symbol of boundless freedom, for me life is also in all its aspects and facets a miracle, which is simply astonishing.

Like the sea with its unexplored depths, as well as in its diversity, life also has an inexhaustible pool of possibilities, thoughts and forms of expression.

The ocean is with its incredible strength, sometimes stormy and wild, sometimes quiet and gentle, even a teacher for the unpredictability in life, that sometimes there is a stronger force in life, situations, that challenge you and teach you how to deal with them.

With this site I would like to make an attempt to grasp the unspeakable beauty and limitlessness of both, the sea and life, knowing that our thoughts and emotions are only a small drop in the great ocean.

This site is dedicated to the ocean and life:

„Live life like an ocean!“